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Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

Book an epic activity for your group and the groom (or bride)-to-be at Combat d’Archers. If you’re looking for the ultimate send-off for your friend try out one or a combination of our activities — Combat Archery, Nerf Battle, Axe Throw, Target Archery, or the Demolition Room. Plan a visit to one of Montreal’s premier destinations for bachelor(ette) parties.

Dodge, run, shoot, and dodge again! Combat Archery is a fusion between archery, paintball, and dodgeball. You’ll shoot safe foam-tipped arrows with our bows that shoot at about the same speed as you would throw a tennis ball. Plus there’s no better feeling than hitting the man or woman to be with a flurry of arrows!

You’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy throwing axes and knives at a target with this latest rugged bachelor party craze. Learn basic techniques on how to throw an axe, and then you and your buddies can blow off some steam and have fun while throwing for the next hour or two.
Instructors will teach how to shoot steel-tipped arrows like a pro. Learn proper archery form and walk away with a real skill that you may even take up as a hobby! Lessons available. Get ready to channel your inner Robinhood (or Katniss).
Want to do something fun and active but bows and arrows aren’t your thing? We have a big selection of Nerf RIVAL Blasters that shoot foam ammo balls. Hide behind inflatable obstacles and cover your friends’ backs. This warfare is sure to bring lots of laughs.
Who doesn’t have the urge to break stuff sometimes? Try your hands at some hassle-free smashing with a stocked arsenal of demolition weapons — crowbars, baseball bats — take your pick! It’s the perfect place for a stress release before tying the knot. Plus, you’ll bond with your friends like never before!

Bachelor Party sessions include:


Free souvenir photos of each player in action!

Party Room

One hour access to a private party room.

Free Parking

Free on-site parking.

Large Private Meeting Room

Groups may enjoy some private time in our large meeting room located on the second floor with views over the playing field. Order pizza or cater food for your meeting. You may bring drinks and store it in our fridge space. Table cloths, a fridge and a microwave are included in the meeting room.

Largest Indoor Playing Field in Montreal

Experience Montreal’s largest indoor Combat Archery playing field! Up to 40 players can play at a time. If you are over 40, we run smooth rotations and you can do other activities while you wait. The field is also equipped with air conditioning units. With all the equipment provided, an experienced animation team and ambiance music; you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time!